Vote while you still can in the USA


10 thoughts on “Vote while you still can in the USA

  1. I’m not in America, but the numbers of people voting in Europe is generally dropping. I voted ‘other’ – I don’t feel my vote counts in terms of the result of an election, but I think it counts in the way of using my right to vote.
    In the UK the politicians have noted the dropping voting percentages and think the solution is to make it easier to vote e.g. by telephone, online etc. But they haven’t got to the root of the problem which is that the public are disenchanted with politicians in general and don’t believe their vote makes a difference.

    • I agree with you.
      The problem is not “going” to vote, is that the current panorama makes it feel like an utter waste of time.
      I like to believe my vote counts, but I know it doesn’t really matter.

      • I truly believe the only time one’s vote doesn’t count is when one doesn’t vote. The politicians in our country have forgotten how or “won’t” negotiate they behave like petulant five year olds. I encourage you to continue to vote it is the only way to preserve this precious right. Best regards, Nancy

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