Nutty or Not?

Henry the VIII was charming when he wanted to be but he seemed to lack any normal emotional attachments, even to those closest to him. He executed friends and wives without any remorse, dispensed of laws at his discretion such as breaking a thousand year religious tradition when the Pope wouldn’t grant him an annulment to marry Anne Boleyn. Henry declared himself the head of the Church of England and expected his subjects to just accept this which those who didn’t lost their heads.

Verdict on Henry the VIII is he was Nuts (Sociopath)

Edgar Allan Poe was as we all know by his works morbidly obsessed with death however because he was very creative he was able to channel this obsession into his work. Poe also may at times entered into episodes of psychotic thinking which happens with severely depressed individuals. The depression can be so overwhelming that they start to lose the ability to discriminate between what’s real and what’s not as exemplified in Poe’s story “The Raven”.

Verdict- Not Nuts “morose” a better description.

When walking around a big city, are you constantly making sure you have everything such as cellphone, wallet, shopping bags, and jewelry ?

Verdict- probably normal, with a touch of OCD.

Do you get angry when someone presses the button that you’ve already pressed?

Verdict- All too normal!

Source: Reader’s Digest







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