“The jolt”

Usually by midlife many of us will be tested by traumatic life events such as job loss, divorce, the deaths of loved ones, health scares, and disasters.

These life altering events can inspire some people to become more compassionate toward the plight of others, move into new careers, and reshape their worldviews and personalities.

If you have suffered one of these altering events, but are still struggling to recover here are some tips to help you bounce back.

1. Don’t rush it. Take time after a shock.

2. Consult others. Assemble a sounding board of friends as advisers, among them should be a listener, who can just listen without trying to fix anything.
A catalyst, who offers inspiration through his or her own story. And finally a wise elder, who helps you keep your eye on the big picture.

3. Think positive.

4. Recognize your own strengths.

AARP The Magazine


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