“There is no horizontal Stratification of society in this country like the rocks in the earth, that hold one class down below forevermore, and let another come to the surface to stay there forever.
Our Stratification is like the ocean, where every individual drop is free to move, and where from the sternest depths of the mighty deep any drop may come up to glitter on the highest wave that rolls”.

Author: James A. Garfield


Need help?

Chaplains on Hand offers 24/7 spiritual comfort and support to anyone, regardless of religious beliefs. It was created for those facing illness and grief and for caregivers, says the Reverend Eric J. Hall, president and CEO of Healthcare Chaplaincy Network, which runs the website.
Twelve chaplains from the Catholic, Protestant and Jewish faiths are available and in keeping with their motto, they will help anyone,”whoever you are, whatever your believe.”
They can be contacted at chaplainsonhand.org or by phone at 844-242-7524 toll-free. The service is free.

Source: AARP The Bulletin

Dirty dozen

Based on data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture,apples are at the top of the list for having the most pesticides.

Other nonorganic fruits and vegetables which made the annual list are strawberries and grapes,while avocados, sweet corn and pineapples made the “Clean 15” list.

Source: AARP Bulletin


imageIndividuals who are highly cynical are more likely to develop dementia,according to a Finnish study.
Those who strongly agreed with statements such as “I think most people would lie to get ahead” were three times more likely to develop dementia than more trusting types.