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Tips before One-day Surgery

1. If your cutoff for food and water is at midnight, drink plenty of clear fluids (not alcohol) during the evening until then. If you’re well-hydrated, you’ll feel better and your veins will be fully dilated-and more receptive to IV fluids and drugs.

2. Inform your doctor about any supplements you take. About 70 percent of surgery patients don’t think to do so, but it’s important. Fish oil can increase bleeding, while others, such as kava and St. John’s – wort, may prolong the effects of anesthesia.

3. Shower the night before and the morning of your surgery with anti-bacterial soap, or, even better, use a special wash, like Hibiclens, which kills germs on contact and helps protect your skin for the next 24 hours.

4. Be patient as everyone you meet asks your name and what procedure you’re having done on which body part. Also have someone act as your second eyes, ears, and voice. Write down your medications and medical history beforehand in case you forget.

5. Accept the blanket offered in pre-op. Several studies show that staying warm can lower your risk of Infection.

source: Reader’s Digest


3 P.M.

The worst time of the day for bad breath is 3 p.m. That’s when factors such as coffee,lunch,and stress(cortisol dries your mouth,a lack of saliva boosts bad breath) combine to create a stinky mouth. Freshen up,brush your teeth after lunch and drink water to stay hydrated.

Source : Thomas Connelly DDS, on huffingtonpost.com

The Versatile Peach!

Peaches offer a sweet way to beat the heat.They are 87% water and contain potassium,an electrolyte that helps keep you hydrated.Here are just a few recipes with peach as the main ingredient.

1) Chilled Peach Shooters: Combine 1/4 cup honey,3 Tbsp fresh lemon juice,12 ice cubes,and 3 medium peeled,pitted,and sliced peaches in blender.Puree until smooth. Pour into 8 shot glasses and garnish each with a peach slice.

2) Porch Chops With Peach-Mango Salsa: Toss together 2 medium pitted and diced peaches;1/2 peeled,pitted and diced mango’ 1 peeled and diced kiwifruit; and 2 tsp each sugar,fresh lime juice,and chopped mint leaves.Serve on top of 4 grilled pork chops.

3) Peach-Jalapeno Soup: Stir together 2 cups peach juice(nectar); 4 medium halved,pitted,and sliced peaches; 1 large seeded and chopped fresh jalapeno; 3 Tbsp fresh lime juice; and 1 Tbsp each chopped fresh chives,minced shallot,and cilantro leaves.

Recipes by Marissa Wolkenberg  And Lori Powell

Published in Prevention Magazine